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I am 33 yrs old & because of my work stress, I developed dark circles below the eyes & a dull & tired looking face. I tried all treatments but nothing worked. When I met Dr.Ragu, he did dermal filler injections & which changed my tired look & dark circles immediately & my fine wrinkles vanished & face become shiny after botox injection. Now I am taking filler injections once in a year for the past 5 yrs without any side effects & complications. Dr. Ragu is an experienced plastic surgeon & doing fillers & botox for more than 12 yrs and cost is economical as well... thank you so much sir

Epsiba Helan
33 Years

Very good ,experienced & concern doctor .I did my tummy tuck here ..I still remember Dr.Ragu said “ I love to see my patients happy face expression, when they see their body transformation for the first time ,that is my success in that surgery “.Both Dr. Ragu & his Mrs really down to earth when communicating with their patients which makes us feel safe .Will suggest this clinic to foreigners like me because the amenities are well suited us and stay after surgery in the hospital was comfortable .Thank you Dr.Ragu for the care and concern

Vaani Thiagarajan

I'd been avoiding the dentist for years due to bad experiences. Then due to a gum infection I had to make an emergency appointment at Medin Dental Clinic. I have been a patient ever since. My dentist is very reassuring and very helpful.

Gerald Blunt

Surgery done last year by Dr Raghu has cured completely and within one month became normal and went to job. Everything normal. We Coimbatoreans are lucky to have a doctor like Raghu doctor . Thanks for his surgical skills and care towards patients.

Vijaymohan Mani

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